About Me, Spring 2021 💪


I’m currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley. This spring, I’m learning about computer architecture, designing information devices and systems, south asian literature, economics and human biological variation!


I’m a big believer in the Feynmann Technique of learning –– that the best teacher is the best learner. I’m a tutor for Data Structures at Berkeley this spring, and am extremely excited to help students through such a critical class!

BEGIN Developer#

I’m working as a Web Developer and Marketing Specialist for Berkeley SCET’s Gateway To Innovation Program! It’s an exciting prospect to be able to help introduce people to the startup space around Berkeley and create a community of innovators and entrepreneurs!

Cal Hacks Director#

CODE. BUILD. HACK. Cal Hacks is the best way to get started making side projects that have impact, meaning and innovation. I look forward to helping channel that, through the Fellowship Program in particular.

Previous Abouts#

Check out what I did last fall or last summer!