Fall 2020 Retrospective

Lucknow, India
4 minutes

For anyone reading this in the distant future, hello! This article was written in the strange times of the coronavirus. All of humanity has been socially isolated and “working from home” for over nine months at present time. Dystopia is dreadfully boring.

No matter! There are still things that happened this semester. He’s a quick summary of what happened in the fall of 2020. Read about what I’m currently doing.


This fall, I took CS61C, Berkeley’s Intro to Computer Architecture class. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the intrinsics of how computers worked. Knowledge I gained from this class will be applicable across many CS fields.

I also took EECS16B, the second half of Designing Information Devices and Systems. This was a circuits and mathematics heavy class that complimented the computer architecture class very well.

Finally, I took ECON1, Intro to Economics. In essence, I just wanted to learn about money, and how it worked. I certainly feel like I got that.


I taught CS61A, Intro to Computer Science, at Berkeley this fall. Teaching remotely was a strange experience, and I don’t think I connected to my students as well as I would have in person. On the other hand, I was able to assist a lot more students over the semester than I would normally.

BEGIN Developer#

I’m working as a Web Developer and Marketing Specialist for Berkeley SCET’s Gateway To Innovation Program! It’s an exciting prospect to be able to help introduce people to the startup space around Berkeley. This semester, I was delighted to be able to connect Berkeley startups to many investment oportunities.

STEP Organizer#

I’m helping run Berkeley’s Student Entrepreneurship Program! It’s one of the best ways to partake in entrepreneurship across Berkeley, and I’m excited to help widen the resources and improve participant experience! This semester, I created and ran the mentorship program within STEP.

Cal Hacks Director#


Cal Hacks is the best way to get started making side projects that have impact, meaning and innovation. It was exciting to help coordinate Hack Month, a month-long endeavor to connect university students to top industry mentors to help them make something awesome!

Web At Berkeley#

Helped run the education branch for this new club. Teaching web dev is just as fun as web dev itself. Check out our website here!