Spring 2021 Retrospective

Berkeley, USA
4 minutes

Writing this a little later than normal — mainly because of how much of a blur Spring 2021 was. It felt like I did nothing, despite doing a whole lot of things. This was perhaps the toughest COVID semester, and I’m glad that things are returning to normal now. Regardless, he’s what I did this spring!


This spring, I took CS170: Efficient Algorithms and Intractible Problems, which was a thorough overview of the algorithms one may use throughout their CS career. I also took EECS126: Probability and Random Processes, a great deep-dive into the mathematics that underlies popular paradigms like AI and ML. I took ECON100B: Macroeconomics, a wonderful meditation of how a country runs its economy. Finally, I took SASIANR5B, a deep-dive into Buddhism and the principles that run this religion.


I was a tutor for CS61B: Data Structures at Berkeley this spring. It was entertaining to teach such an important class, and to guide students through projects and concepts alike. I developed a much more thorough ability to debug projects, and sharpened my own concepts on data structures.

BEGIN Developer#

I’m working as a Web Developer and Marketing Specialist for Berkeley SCET’s Gateway To Innovation Program! This semester, I was finally able to launch my updated version of the website. It continues to be extremely rewarding to be able to help introduce people to the startup space around Berkeley and create a community of innovators and entrepreneurs!

Cal Hacks Director#

I ran the Cal Hacks Fellowship Program this semester, which was a wonderful experience. While shouldering a lot of responsiblity and trying to help 7 startups accelerate their projects, I grew a lot as a manager and director. Running Fellowship has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my college career. You can learn more about the teams here.

Web Development Educator#

I taught the Intro to Web Development course for Web Development at Berkeley. It’s always fun to introduce others to a means of expression like web development, then see them evolve their style and start expressing themselves. We taught 40 students this semester — double from last semester! I’m excited to continue scaling this class up and work towards creating a lower barrier for web dev for everyone in Berkeley.

Previous Abouts#

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