My Projects, 2021

A list of all my projects, technical or technical-adjacent, in the year of our lord 2021. Many of them are WIP. For a history of all my projects, take a look at my github.


A webpage that implements a clipboard. Made as a fun thought experiment. Try it out at or read about it here. Fork it here.


Dynamic thought-tree generator, for those trying to bring order to their mental gymnastics, made in React. Something I sorely needed. Try it out at


Your CLI personal assistant. Made for all my terminal fanatic friends, made in Python. Unfortunately not available for use yet, but you can take a look at it here.


A real-time chat app, made using and Node.js. Play around at


A list of everything I’ve read this year, with reviews. To bring back the bibliophile that got buried under 10 tons of silicon. View at


Chrome extension for storing shortlinks. Check it out here.