2022 Goals: Feburary Check-in

Berkeley, USA

At the beginning of the year, I wrote out my goals for the year to keep myself accountable. These ranged from vague to strictly specific, from ambitious to beginner-level. This is my February check-in for how I’ve been doing at some of them.

Classes came in full-swing and wrecked me this month. With research and Cal Hacks, I was constantly short on time. Lots of things had to take a back-seat.

Side-Project Update#

I did not have the time to further build out my WIP side-projects from Jan: Legos and Pyscal. I don’t want to leave them half-done, but I think they’ll need to wait until summer to get any meaningful amount of time to them. I spent some time working on Janet – a helpful universal discord bot. She’s also (you guessed it) a work in progress, but I’m expecting to go public with her soon!

Met A Bunch of People!#

20 people, twenty one-on-ones this month. The goal has been 12 people a month — this brings us up to target, with a padding of two. I had a lot of conversations about work and recruiting and research this month, and I absolutely loved it.

Reading Update#

Whoof. I read one book in February — Well-Designed, by Jon Kolko. A good read! I definitely need to pick up steam, though.

Cal Hacks Labs#

I pitched the idea of Cal Hacks Labs — a meta-initiative that acts as an accelerator to other ideas within the Cal Hacks org. I’ve been really passionate about developing a community for makers and builders around Berkeley, and this was the first step towards that goal.

Starting Squash#

I decided to go in of playing Squash! I really enjoyed playing tennis in high school, and squash gives me the same kind of thrill. The Cal Women’s Squash Club is extremely welcoming and kind, a bunch of my friends and I love running games together, and RSF has a court right there! I’m excited for how my journey through this sport evolves.