My Projects


A list of all my public projects, technical or technical-adjacent. For a more throrough history of all my projects, take a look at my github.

The List#

BEGIN: Primary developer of BEGIN @ Berkeley. Made in Gatsby.

Narcissus: To begin with, the hub for everything else I make, this website! Developed, designed and maintained in Hugo. Fork it here.

Carnot: Developing my own browser engine. A toy version for how Chrome works. Fork it here.

Dungeons: Web-socket enabled online RPG combat platform. A simpler version of Roll20, made for players with some programming knowledge. Fork it here.

Respond: Cloning React to learn how it works (And maybe even improve it). Fork it here.

Tempest: Dynamic thought-tree generator, for those trying to bring order to their mental gymnastics, made in React and hosted locally. Fork it here.

Prometheus: Quick character sheet generator for RPG games — for beginners! Made in React. A simpler Fork it here.

RISCer: Hexadecimal input to RISC instruction converter, made for future 61C students. Terminal-based, developed in Python! Fork it here.

Hullo: A real-time internal relay chat (IRC) app, made using and Node.js. Play around at Fork it here

Clippy: A webpage that implements a clipboard. Made as a fun thought experiment. Try it out at or read about it here. Fork it here.

Jump: Chrome extension for storing shortlinks. Currently highly personalized, made in JS. Fork it here.

Gitlet: Creating a copy of Git, implementing most of its main features. Made for CS61B at UC Berkeley. Not made publicly available by request of CS61B course-staff.

Swallowtail: Customizable dark mode toggle for React components. Made in React. Available for use on npm here. Fork it here.

VATT: Video-to-video automatic dubbing and subtitling tool, to make any video on the internet available to everyone, regardless of language barriers. Made in Python using Google, Amazon and IBM text-to-speech APIs. Fork it here.

Tortoise: Digital art made using Python Turtles! Extension of CS61A’s Scheme Art Contest. Fork it here.

Tesseract: A 4-dimensional cube, rendered in Virtual reality for Google Cardboards and Oculus VR. Made in Unity. Fork it here.

Cannonball: Implementation of graph theory shortest path implementations for massive graphs. Made for CS170 at UC Berkeley, with @itsvs. Fork it here.