Summer 2021 Site-Seeing Extravaganza

Berkeley, USA
3 minutes

Running Total: 7/36

It’s summer! That means it’s time to get active, get out there, and explore. This summer, I find myself with some free time and a lot more determination. Because of this, I’m going to start running in the mornings!

Preferably, I’ll be running every morning — but I won’t pretend to be able to maintain that perfect a schedule. Instead, here’s the goal: go on three runs every week, or 36 runs over the summer.

April 30: Home ➔ Berkeley Marina#

Distance Travelled: 5.4MI (8.7KM)

I love the ocean. It’s powerful as fuck, and feminine as fuck, and both of those things are what make the ocean the ocean.

I Walk A Lonely Road

May 2: Home ➔ Strawberry Creek Park#

Distance Travelled: 2.6MI (4.18KM)

Parks have so much life. Dogs run around, parents chase their mischiveous children, couples spread picnic blankets and eenjoy some time together. It’s been a while since most of us have been able to enjoy life (thanks corona). It was nice to see that again.

The Hidden Cafe, Shh!

May 3: Home ➔ Indian Rock Park#

Distance Travelled: 4.5MI (7.24KM)

Maybe Hawking was onto something when he called the universe a grand design.

Apne Hone Pe Yakin Aa Gaya

May 4: Home ➔ Campbot Park, Upper Rockridge#

Distance Travelled: 3.5MI (5.6KM)

It’s the worst time to want to be an explorer — too late to explore the Earth, too early to explore the skies. Ah well, guess I’ll settle for exploring Californian suburbs.

Some Hills IDK

May 5: Home ➔ Boichik Bagels#

Distance Travelled: 2.4MI (3.86KM)

Not like the other trips, but I woke up at 6AM for this, so I think it counts. Were the bagels life-changing? I don’t know. But they certainly were worth waking up that early.


May 8: Home ➔ Aquatic Park#

Distance Travelled: 3.12MI (5.02KM)

Running to a park two days before finals? Won’t lie— would recommend. Messing up your life is fun!


May 10: Home ➔ Aquatic Park, Evening Edition#

Distance Travelled: 3.3MI (5.1KM)

Sunsets are the best time of the day. No, I will not be taking any arguments to the contrary.

Evening Wahter