Summer 2020 Retrospective

Lucknow, India
4 minutes

This is a quick summary of what I did last summer, with some insights thrown in for good measure. Here’s what I’m doing right now.


I took CS70: Discrete Math and Probability Theory! Taking the class in the summer was challenging and forced me to really consider what I wanted to spend time doing –– making tough decisions about attending discussions, lectures and so on.

I also took CS375: Teaching Techniques for Computer Science, a discussion-based class for first-time teachers. It really forced me to think deeply about the decisions I made as a teacher and how they impacted my students, which I’m very grateful for.


I taught CS61A: Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs in the summer! I developed my teaching skills, and I got to take on a lot of responsibility as one of the chief developers of course content. I also developed great connections with a lot of the other brilliant TAs of the class!


I worked on V A T T, an SaaS product with the mission to dub and subtitle the internet. This summer, my team and I participated in Dorm Room Fund’s Female Founder Track, working on rapidly iterate our product, ready for release and fundraising. I got to meet some brilliant women in entrepreneurship, including Sarah Guo, Kelly Watkins and Jess Lee. I was also blessed to have Isabelle, Havi, and Loewen from Dorm Room Fund as my mentors!


I interned this summer as a software development engineer at Vurbl Media, a startup developing a Youtube-like platform for podcasts. I was part of the team working on developing a transcription section of the audio processing pipeline as well as a search and tagging algorithm. It was extremely interesting to work as a startup in my first internship!

BEGIN Volunteer#

I was a Web Developer and Marketing Specialist for Berkeley SCET’s Gateway To Innovation Program. I worked with the team as a developer for a new page for the BEGIN website, and will continue working to make BEGIN a portal for entrepreneurship at Berkeley.

STEP Developer#

I’m working as a developer for Berkeley’s Student Entrepreneurship Program. I’ll be reforming the website, updating backend and developing software for use of participating teams to track KPIs. I’m excited to help run this idea accelerator this fall!